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Personality Portraits & Studies

Personality Portraits & Studies by  Art Terry
Artwork Personality Personality Portraits & Studies by Art TerryPortraits & Studies by Art Terryby ArtTerry is informally referred to as "ArtTerryArt" or simply "ArtArt".

Rare Limited Edition Prints

by ArtTerry


Ronald Reagan 84

"Ronald Reagan 84"

by Art Terry

Charoal Pencil Drawing Portrait

233 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Print
10 Signed and Numbered Artist's Proofs

The President
 The Artist & The Artwork 

The charcoal pencil drawing

titled " Ronald Reagan 84 "

was conceived prior to the

1980  presidential election

when    Art  Terry   was

impressed with candidate

Reagan's   unique   stand

for   moral   and   spiritual

values while persuing our

nation's   highest   office.

Through extensive photography

of  Ronald  Reagan,  Art  Terry

obtained an image of a vibrant,

confident president; filled with

joy and gratitude in achieving

each  and  every  one  of  his

many  victories.

During  the  years  1981  and

1982, the artist spent his time

rendering a  fine art  charcoal

pencil  study which brought to

life the personality of President

Reagan   as   he  served   his

first  term  of  office.

While  producing  the  limited

edition prints from the charcoal

pencil  drawing  master, a

dramatic image was obtained.

The mixture of high contrast,

with its  resulting  depth and

strength  was tempered with

a smoothness representative

of  Ronald  Reagan's  soft

spoken    demeanor.

The result is a rare work of art

that  uniquely  captures  the

person and personality of one

of the greatest statesmen of

our time.  The sparkle in his

eyes  and  radiance  of  his

smile are the characterictics

of a man with a sense of

humor, in spite of the demands

and responsibilities of being

President of the United States

The majority of these rare prints

reside in private collections of

fine art belonging to families who

were prominent supporters of

Ronald  Reagan  throughout

the  70s  and  80s.

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